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Over 160 Michiana Families served to date!

"Having Rachel present for the birth of our daughter was one of the best decisions we made about the birth/labor/delivery experience. During our prenatal care Rachel was present, available, and answered all of our questions. Through the labor experience Rachel was there every step of the way, she was encouraging, talked us through what was going on, suggested different positions to labor in, and was such a calm presence. I can not say enough how comforting it was to have her there. Rachel not only is knowledgable about the birth process, but is funny, kind, and extremely easy to work with. As I was in labor Rachel was right by my side, helping both myself and my husband process through what was going on. She was able to give my husband a break, encourage hydrating and eating, and spent may hours holding a fan:) Not only did Rachel meet and surpass our needs as clients, I also feel like I was in the presence of a friend. Our labor and delivery would not have been possible without Rachel, and I would strongly encourage anyone having a baby to consider hiring this incredible doula."         

                                                                                             -Samantha and John

"I have had a doula for each of my four births but Rachel has been by far my favorite doula. My birth experience with her is the birth experience I wish I had for all of my children. She provided great support prenatally, along with many resources including books and websites, that helped us prepare for birth. This information was relevant even though I am an experienced birther/mother. She met us at our home to help me labor there and she was so calming and reassuring. I was pretty tense and scared of the pain before she arrived but she reminded me of my tools and techniques to use. She kept things calm and relaxing at the hospital, as I had desired, during labor and made sure I had informed consent. She was encouraging and supportive when I made the decision to get an epidural and even supported me after when I later felt guilty for making that decision. She was very professional and made sure to quietly interact with the nurses in a way that was not distracting. She even captured photos of the birth that I love to look at since my husband caught our daughter. 10/10 would recommend Rachel as a doula and she will be the one I call if we have any more children."

                                                                                                  - Kelsey


"Rachel attended the birth of my second son. She was willing to go out of her way to be helpful. She was enthusiastic, encouraging, and never lost her energy or willingness to help. We enjoyed having her assistance with our son's birth, and we are very thankful. Rachel's presence and hard work helped it to be a very positive experience."

                                                                                               - Delilah

Back- up doula situation:
"Rachel was outstanding. She came in cold into our birth and nailed it. She was able to get as much information as possible from the off-going doula and worked in smoothly. She started to use her comforting style immediately. Introducing herself, offering all her tools, setting the room, filling the tub, getting water, providing options for other laboring sports, birth balls, walking, tub, toilet.She applied counter pressure, hip squeeze, she was very calming and that was exhibited throughout our experience. She was focused and attentive, this was essential in our birth process."
                                                                                                     - Chad

"I was about 3 weeks away from my due date. I had been terrified my entire pregnancy about labor. I realized this baby was coming soon and I needed extra support. I didn't want anything to do with birth, let alone a natural one. I didn't even want to think about labor.

I started reading Ina Mays book and decided I could do it, or try..but I needed help, support. More support than just from my partner. Support for both of us.  Enter Rachel. She met with me and just talked and listened to me. She let me bare my soul with all my fears and doubts. Letting me know everything I felt was valid. That I wasn't wrong for feeling anything that I did. That I wasn't a bad person and that she would be happy to be here for me and my partner to help us both. I was feeling at peace already.

The night of my labor at 38+6 weeks Rachel was quick to respond when I let her know. She came over to help me labor at home as long as possible. Her skills coaching were excellent, she had techniques for pain management and breathing but most of all she listened . We did what I wanted.

The three of us chatted, we made tea, we watched friends and used essential oils. All things I wanted to do. We relaxed until we couldn't. She was able to be with me while my partner packed last minute things and got ready for our adventure.

When we made it to the hospital Rachel did everything I asked. Dimmed the lights, played music, talked. It was a short intense labor and she was there for us. Helping my partner to know everything was ok. She was able to give my partner a break. I was never alone!!

I am so happy she was there for the birth of my little boy. She took some wonderful photos that we will cherish forever. We also had a postpartum meeting where we discussed how I felt about my labor. Again she validated how I felt and offered support.

The time spend speaking with Rachel, was more than that, we connected on a real level. No judgement. No shame. Pure love and concern and a desire to help both my partner and I.

I had moved to a new state, not knowing anyone or having a support system other than my partner. This was a really scary time for me. Rachel saved me. She helped me address my fears and concerns. She empowered me to do something I felt was impossible, and I did it!

We did it."                                                                                   -Christina

Working with Rachel was hands down one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. On july 26th, she helped me deliver my first daughter. i had taken all the classes, done all the research, read all the books- but still felt i needed a little extra help in order to successfully achieve a natural birth. enter rachel. when i first met her we clicked immediately, she listened to my story and got to know me as a person, it was more than just a professional service, it was a friendship. i called her as soon as i was in labor, and felt i needed some extra help- and she headed my way. she used several different techniques to counteract my contractions, fed me water, encouraged my breathing and included my partner- showing him how to apply counter pressure etc. so he could be apart of the experience with me. thank goodness she did, because with her help i walked into triage at 10cm dialated and gave birth to my beautiful girl within 20 minutes. she was my focal point through pushing as my partner continued counterpressure, she encouraged me every step of the way. when i entered "labor land" she encouraged me to stick with my birth plan, memorizing all the points that mattered ensuring i got the birth i dreamed of. including catching my girl!! considering hiring a doula? hire englihtened labor doula services. i am absolutely blessed to have had rachel throughout my birth- her smiles, her strength and her knowledge were everything i could of dreamed of and more. best decision i've ever made!!! we love you Rachel!

                                                                 -Jackie & Ali

Hiring Rachel was the best decision I made about my labor and delivery! She spent endless hours communicating with me, and getting me ready for the toughest experience of my life. She did all this after hiring her at 36 weeks gestation. Because of her, I felt ready. My labor ended up being a long labor.  I was facing induction at 41 weeks (per my choice, and what I felt comfortable with).  I was hoping for all natural, which didn't happen. Where Rachel became the most help was slowing down the decision process of getting an epidural, needing extra monitoring, and having to use pitocin to get contractions strong enough. Every decision was made for the right reason, and each was mine, not the midwifes.  She was there supporting my husband and I the entire time! She got us to laugh when it was needed, and walked us through different techniques to help move things around. She was everything we needed plus more!  We will be using her again in our next pregnancy! 

                                                                - Mary & Kyle

We hired Rachel for our first child. Neither of us knew what to expect when it came to the birthing process but Rachel was so nice, informational, and helpful. She helped guide us through the preparation without ever hinting which direction she thought was best. She simply gave us the Information and the evidence based research and let us decide for oursleves. 


Rachel is the perfect combination of down-to-earth, evidence-based, and baby-friendly. She is very personable and easy to get to know. She is one of those people that helps you to feel comfortable talking about personal issues right from the start!


We would highly recommend her to anyone! Especially those that may be skeptical of a doula.


I can't sing Rachel's praises enough! She was the perfect support during my pregnancy, and especially during the birth of my first child. Going into pregnancy nervous about birth, and with it being my first child, I knew I wanted a doula to support me (and my husband) during labor. After talking to Rachel, I felt that our personalities would mesh well and I felt super comfortable with her. Throughout the pregnancy and our pre-natal visits, that continued to be the case. She is down-to-earth, easy to talk to, funny, doesn't take herself too seriously, and is just a person you feel comfortable being around. As a doula, she is knowledgable and crazy about birth, which is weird to me but perfect for a doula. :) I wound up having a super hard and exhausting labor. Rachel was with me for nearly 24 hours straight - during labor and a not so fun 6 hours of pushing. I seriouslycouldn't have done it without her on my birth team! From feeding me juice to holding up my various body parts to encouraging me to massaging my back, she did it all. I know she was also a comfort to my husband, who was very overwhelmed at my hard labor, too. I'll definately be calling Rachel again should I have a second child! She has definately found her calling and any mother would be lucky to have her by their side. 

                           -Rebekah & Brian

My husband and I knew after meeting Rachel for the first time that we definitely wanted her to be our doula. What I wanted in a doula was someone who was comfortable to be around, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Rachel is all of these things and hilarious! I felt confident going into my first birth. I asked questions about my care in the hospital that I would have otherwise had no clue to ask, if we hadn't hired Rachel. I would recommend any of my friends or family to Rachel because I'm confident she will do an awesome job and meet the needs of any of her clients. 

                                -Brittany & Jeff

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